We help you make 'sales' possible.

No matter who 'sells' your fund — whether it's you,  a third party marketer or someone else on your team — your sales agent must have 2 things:

1) A powerful message, one that resonates with investors and makes you memorable. Your marketing materials should clearly indicate why investors can feel certain about investing with you instead of other, similar strategies. 

2) Professionally-designed marketing materials. In a saturated investment marketplace, you need to stand out. Investors expect you to impress them with a sophisticated presentation and polished materials. 

Catalyst specializes in marketing for alternative investment products. We provide you with the senior-level investment marketing experience you need to define and sell your competitive edge. 

We save you time & money with great marketing.

Great marketing materials can speak for you more efficiently than a team of asset-raisers, particularly if the message is consistent and, if accessible online, always available. 

Eye-catching design draws a reader in. Once you have someone's attention, the job of communicating gets easier. Next, you need meaningful content that clearly explains your unique selling position ('USP'), or what makes your organization, your strategy the best choice for an investor. With great design and meaningful content, your marketing materials will do much of the sales leg work for you.

If your marketing materials reduce time spent explaining your strategy and answering frequently-asked questions, then your subsequent meetings and interactions will be more focused, getting you closer to an allocation.

We make it easier for allocators to invest with you.

Investors only invest in those strategies they clearly understand. If your track record is outstanding, but you don't clearly articulate your process, or differentiate your strategy, an investor will look elsewhere.  

Make your strategy easy to understand and you make an allocation easier to justify.

Offer the 'trifecta' - repeatable performance, a clear investment process and a competitive edge - and you'll streamline the allocation process for investors. Catalyst can help you cut to the chase and connect with investors faster.