Make sure you’re on LinkedIN

You might be tempted to disregard social media, but you don’t want to be ‘missing’, particularly when investors look for you on LinkedIN. Most investors will check your LinkedIN profile before or after a meeting, so make sure your LinkedIN profile gives a clear picture of you and your team members.

If you are:

An asset manager looking to raise assets – your LinkedIn profile should not be a shallow resume or (worse) missing altogether – it should showcase your expertise, tell the story of who you are and highlight what’s unique about what you are doing.

What I CAN do for you

In a few hours, we can put your LinkedIn profile to work by helping investors understand your expertise and how it can help them. I know how to listen for the most meaningful points in your professional history and spin them into a powerful narrative that builds your credibility with investors. We can also determine other social media channels that could boost your ability to connect with prospective investors.

My Process - Your Pathway

I’ll ask you a series of questions and I’ll listen carefully to identify all of the salient points about your firm, your team and your strategy. Then I’ll guide you through a series of logical connections. I’ll help you take all of your data points and knit them into a natural story that resonates with target investors. I’ll help you create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages that will make investors want more from you. You’ll feel confident knowing your materials hit the mark every time.