Pique Their Interest Before They Meet You – One Pagers Get You Meetings

You’re ready to impress investors – but how do you get meetings? Most investors will request something to review in advance - a one pager, an executive summary or a “teaser” deck to learn more about you before they decide whether to meet you or not. Never send your full Investor Pitch Deck in advance - always present it WITH THEM, so you can address any questions or concerns face to face. A One Pager gives investors something meaningful to review without giving away too much and allows you to make a great impression before they even meet you.

If you are:

An asset manager working on fundraising, your time is your most precious asset – every moment counts. You should be focused on your investment process - generating superior returns, managing risk and minimizing losses. Why run around in circles, giving investors so-so materials?

What i can do for you

In a few hours, we can co-create a one pager that powerfully conveys your message and gives investors exactly what they need to decide if they want to meet you. Getting your Core Messages distilled and your key performance points organized on 1-2 pages is an art, but we can do it!

My Process - Your Pathway

I’ll ask you a series of questions and I’ll listen carefully to identify all of the salient points about your firm, your team and your strategy. Then I’ll guide you through a series of logical connections. I’ll help you take all of your data points and knit them into a natural story that resonates with target investors. I’ll help you create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages that will make investors want more from you. You’ll feel confident knowing your materials hit the mark every time.