Do you have your ‘elevator’ pitch ready?

There will be brief windows of opportunity — at a conference, a networking event or other impromptu meeting — when you only have a few minutes to talk to an investor and pique their interest. You could simply introduce yourself as ‘a systematic CTA strategy’ for example, but what investors really need to know is what makes your strategy unique and different from other strategies like yours? In this instance, you have an opportunity to clarify your Competitive Edge and make a powerful distinction that opens the door for further dialogue. Your Core Messages are at the heart of all of your communications, and they should be thoughtfully defined so you never miss an opportunity to wow someone at a moment’s notice.

If you are:

An asset manager working on fundraising, your time is your most precious asset – every moment counts. You should be focused on your investment process - generating superior returns, managing risk and minimizing losses. Why run around in circles, giving investors so-so materials?

What I can do for you

In a few hours, we can co-create your Core Messages: your investment strategy description (short form), your competitive edge, your value proposition and your investment thesis. We can also develop other ‘high-level’ explanations - like your risk management process, your alpha creation process, your firm ‘story’ and other messages that quickly clarify critical points for investors. Every person on your team needs to know these Core Messages by heart so that you can always deliver clear, consistent information to a prospective investor in any situation.

My Process - Your Pathway

I’ll ask you a series of questions and I’ll listen carefully to identify all of the salient points about your firm, your team and your strategy. Then I’ll guide you through a series of logical connections. I’ll help you take all of your data points and knit them into a natural story that resonates with target investors. I’ll help you create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages that will make investors want more from you. You’ll feel confident knowing your materials hit the mark every time.