asset manager marketing questionnaire

Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire. Your answers will help us understand your current circumstances and your investment marketplace position. You may not have answers to some of the 'tougher' questions below, but start to think about those. The most effective marketing messages come from having well-thought-out answers to the toughest questions. We can help you formulate your best answers. 

Your Name *
Your Name
* What is your area of expertise, i.e. which investment strategy niche is your specialty? * What is your Investment Thesis? * Investors often seek a repeatable investment process, i.e. the strategy works time and time again. Do you have an investment process that’s ‘repeatable’? * What are the strengths of your investment process? * What are the weaknesses of your investment process? * What external opportunities strengthen your marketplace position? > Macro environment and/or investor marketplace dynamics that support your endeavor. * What external threats weaken your marketplace position? > Macro environment and/or investor marketplace dynamics that weaken your endeavor.
* Who are your competitors, direct and indirect? * What is their marketing process (as far as you know)? * What makes you better than each one?
* What is your value proposition, i.e. What’s your competitive edge? * What makes your firm different from your peers? * What promise you CAN repeatedly deliver to investors. For example: > Commitment to educating investors via regular blog or newsletter. > Well defined risk management system, that’s actually enforced. > High touch client service with a defined process. > Competitive fee structure.
* What are the characteristics of your existing investors? * What type of investors have expressed interest, but have not yet invested? * What type of investors do you expect to attract? Why?
* What is your greatest need right now in terms of actual marketing tactics? > For example, do you need a website, a new presentation, etc.? * How would you like your marketing effort to evolve over time? * What strategies have you thought about, but do not yet use? * What are the biggest hurdles you face? > Lack of time? > Lack of budget? > Lack of resources?
* What tactics/materials do you currently use to market your investment program? > Presentation, white papers, other marketing materials > Website > Investor communications * What is your current prospecting strategy? * What strategies or tactics have been useful so far?
* What CRM do you use? * Do you have an email marketing strategy? * What is your compliance review process?