Seasoned insider experience with progressive outsider perspective.

I’m Jennifer Bruno, Founder and CEO of Catalyst Hedge Fund Marketing. I founded Catalyst because I know, after nearly two decades of investment marketing and the last seven raising assets, that portfolio managers need to put a primary focus on managing assets, not day-to-day marketing efforts. There’s simply too much at stake to take your eye off the ball. But without an effective marketing program in place to build visibility and differentiate your offering, your ability to raise assets is compromised.

Maintaining in-house marketing resources simply doesn’t make financial sense for many firms, especially if you’re an emerging manager. No matter who's actually 'selling' your fund, having the right strategy and materials in place is critical. As your sales team changes or grows, it should be simple for new members to quickly understand your marketing strategy and execute it successfully.

Catalyst provides cost-effective hedge fund marketing programs that:

  • Build your client base faster.
  • Align asset-raising goals and marketing strategy across your team.
  • Scale marketing best practices to your firm’s current and target size.
  • Define and grow your brand in the investment marketplace for less time and money.
  • Engage investors through smarter communication.
  • Work within the boundaries of the current regulatory environment.

Having been a hedge fund marketer, I bring a specialized set of skills to the table—from understanding the sales process first-hand to navigating strict regulatory requirements few other general marketers have faced. Approaching your fund as a consultant, I provide the additional benefit of seeing the marketing and communication gaps that may exist with a fresh set of eyes.

Catalyst has the right people on tap, right when you need them.

As your ‘on-demand Director of Marketing', I leverage a network of brilliant creative developers, PR professionals, and additional talent on an as-needed basis, solely dependent on your firm’s exact needs. I work closely with creative professionals throughout the development process to make sure every outcome is on target and in alignment with your goals. 

You’ve shaped a stellar investment strategy. Your marketing effort should be just as results-driven.

As a talented alternative asset manager, your professional strengths and expertise are aimed at delivering investment results. And while you possess a unique ability to see opportunities hidden amongst complex financial data, understanding and acting on the latest trends in marketing probably isn’t the first thing on your radar when you wake up each morning.

Fortunately for you, it’s the biggest thing on mine. And believe it or not, I can make it fun.

In my career, some of the biggest wins I’ve achieved have come from gaining access to the so-called “unreachable” investors. I did it by crafting prospecting emails that cut through the clutter and gained valuable meetings. Finding a way to succeed where others have failed is a trait you and I share in common. My goal is to make the process of scoring those big wins, for you, less stressful and more effective. Not to mention more frequent.

I’ve seen many firms hold their own success hostage—they fail to turn what sets them apart into a story that investors can easily understand. Your competitive edge needs to be front and center. Are you totally confident that your marketers are 100% on the same page when describing your strategy? In today’s marketplace, where the options for investors grow by the day, shaping a competitive story isn’t just a tactic to unify your team, it’s an essential marketing element to raise assets.

Smart and mysterious used to be chic. Now it’s untenable.

Investors’ due diligence efforts dig deeper, and your great results are just one part of the conversation with potential investors. In short, the “necessary evil” of marketing has become the crux of survival for your fund—especially if you’re an emerging manager. Today’s investing landscape demands more communication and clarity than ever before. Catalyst can help you gain visibility and traction in the investment marketplace with digital marketing solutions, including website development, digital communications (email, newsletter, pitchbook, etc.), social media, video, ‘virtual’ roadshows and more. 

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